Mill Elementary


The Mill District was formed in 1898.  Portions of this territory were added and lost until the last portion was annexed from Rowland District on July 6, 1943.  At this time, Mill Elementary School became a member of the Whittier City School District.

The present principal is Trudie L. Efstratios serving since 2000.  Former principals of Mill School have been Cathy Antonelli 1987-2000; Janet Garcia, 1986-1987; Kerigan Cory, 1980-1986; Claude Traylor, 1960-1980; and Charlotte Carbert, 1950-1960.

At Mill School and Technology Academy, staff, parents, and community work as a team to create an educationally rich environment that celebrates our diversity, promotes character development, and nurtures a passion for life-long learning.  Academic standards and high expectations form the foundation for quality instruction that continues to increase student achievement.  We relentlessly teach our students to become educated, responsible, productive members of society.

Mill School and Technology Academy is a beautiful school, nestled up against the hills.  The small, friendly, community atmosphere is immediately apparent: trees, flowers, a tile mural and painted murals. A K-5 school, the 370 students are known as The Mustangs.  Every Tuesday, students and staff wear college shirts emphasizing Mill’s philosophy for every student, “I’m Going to College.”  The courtyard proudly waves the banner flags of universities from around the country.

In addition to the CORE standards-based educational program, extensive use of 21st century technology to facilitate instruction can be found in all classrooms grades 1 – 5: surround sound, SmartBoards, internet, document cameras, and individual response systems. Students in grades 3 – 5, use a web-based program, KidBiz3000, that allows each student to read current non-fiction articles at individual reading level, respond to a writing prompt, answer comprehension questions, and learn how to use e-mail in a safe, controlled environment.  All grades have access to a class set of laptop computers forlearning, writing, and research. 

The Wonder of Reading Library is a reflection of the school’s commitment to literacy and the love of reading. Students participate in a school-wide reading incentive program that includes the computer based comprehension program, Reading Counts. The Parent Teacher Corporation (PTC) provides funding for Art Masters, a program that provides six art lessons teaching the history and style of six different artists a year. When funding allows, each class has the opportunity to go on a fieldtrip to enrich their academic program.  Parents regularly volunteer their time to support the instructional program.  Students have the opportunity to participate in after school drama, chorus and yearbook.  Lessons in Character and Peaceful Playgrounds provide the tools to create and maintain a safe learning environment. Providing a well-balanced curriculum, Mill School and Technology Academy is a great place to learn.

We acknowledge and honor the important role that the family plays in a child’s education by sponsoring Grandparent’s Day, Moms and Muffins, and Dads and Donuts. Families are invited to attend both a Winter and a Spring school-wide performance. In addition, the annual Family Dance is a great way for us to celebrate together our wonderful Mill School and Technology Academy family.