STMath Program

We are so pleased to offer the MIND Institute’s STMath program to students in Kindergarten-5th Grade.  This nationally renowned web based math program is built around brain research.  Students work through their grade level curriculum’s conceptual math games at their own pace.  Each new concept challenges the student to find a way to help JiJi the Penguin across the screen while learning the specific math without any language.  As they progress, students are introduced to the traditional math language and begin transferring the skill to the everyday math practice.

During the 2012-13 school year, the entire MSTA community worked together under the guidance of the PTC to raise funds for the purchase of this program.  The MIND Research Institute’s STMath program’s visually based conceptual mathematics provides a nice compliment to our core math program.  Check out some of their free apps today


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Free Apps:

The Big Seed